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NitroTracker is open source! - 2010-04-07 01:58:54
I'm very excited to announce that NitroTracker is now completely open source!

What does this mean? Well, for starters you can now have a look at the source code. More importantly, you can now help develop it! Together we can make the development of NitroTracker go faster (which would be a very good thing considering current development speed) and finally add long-awaited features I promised ages ago.

The source code is available from

Also, there's now a new central place for bug reports and feature requests: The NitroTracker issue tracker! Got a suggestion for making NitroTracker better? Just add it to the issue tracker, if it's not already there and if it's reasonable it will make its way into NitroTracker. Of course, if you can already provide a source code patch that implements your feature or bugfix this will make the decision easier :-)

Despite some minor improvements, NitroTracker is still at version 0.4. By joining forces, I'm sure we can make this 1.0 in no time! Wanna join the fun? Check out the source and start hacking! For more info on how to set up the environment, have a look at the getting started guide.

Happy hacking!