NitroTracker in action

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Including 5 sample songs made with NitroTracker!

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Featured Tracks

  1. manx.xm by andars

  2. hardstyle.xm by alpha

  3. cybernitro.xm by atomtwist

  4. rhodesbeat.xm by atomtwist

  5. chilledasfck.xm by chrislody

  6. dstort.xm by chrislody

  7. crozon.xm by grobsen

  8. some_day.xm by grobsen

  9. diamond2.xm by nitro2k01

  10. a19.xm by notominous


Official Sample Packs

  1. nitro2k01's NitroTracker sample pack
  2. andars samplepack #01
  3. LSDJ Kit by starpause
  4. Drum, Synth and Saw kits by Son of 8-bits

Other resources

  1. The Freesound Project
  2. SoundSnap
  3. Sample Collection in the OPLC Wiki

More Tracks

  1. The MOD Archive
  2. Modulez